Firmware 1.5.5_0177?

I’ve seen multiple references in this forum to firmware 1.5.5_0177 for the Yeelight Ceiling light, being distributed to users having issues, on an individual basis as it was still in QA. The release of it sounded imminent, but I am on the Singapore servers and I haven’t received it yet - I am still with 1.4.8_173.
Should I be worried? When will it be publicly available?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback, could you provider you mi id I will have a check it soon.

Hi, thanks for looking into this. My account ID is 1596903938.

Sorry, it seems the new firmware is still in whitelist status. Will put to live ASAP. Hold on.

I checked my ceiling firmware version and it is Firmware 1.5.5_0178. I am on the chinese server.

Done. Check it out.

Perfect, thanks!
Received and installed… :slight_smile:


Please help me too with new firmware. I have issues wit my Yellights (480 and 650) which randomly goes offline.
I have Yeelight 650 with 1.5.5_0038 firmware and Yeelight 480 with 1.5.5_0034 firmware.
My ID is 1555181982 and I’m on Chinese server.

Thank you!

I have 2 650. One of them keeps turning off after a while and unable to switch back on after that. I will have to switch off at the wall switch and wait for 15 mins before I can switch it back on again. Had checked already on the latest firmware. Can the xiaomi folks help?

Singapore server