Firmware 1.4.1_52


yesterday i updated to firmware 1.4.1_52; it look like the Build and LightStripe is now reacting at speed of light. Is very fast and so good!

It’s this a feature or a bug?
It’s possibile to have a list of all fix made?

I just want to be sure that is something you really improved and not something that can cause some trouble in the future.

It look like the Build is not sending any signal to the CHINALAND server but kind of “LAN interaction”. It’s too much fast :slight_smile:


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This firmware improved the color mixing algorithm and speed up some internal math calculation.

Living Room (3 bulb+StripeLed):

  • before: 3/5 seconds to turn ON / RUN Scene

  • today with firmware 1.4.1_52: 1 second or less

  • before: 30 seconds to put all light ON (24 Bulb about…)

  • now with firmware 1.4.1_52 : 6 seconds

This change a lot the story.
If i move in the corridor the light turn ON automatically and instantly.
Before was kind of “walk in corridor and light turn ON after 5 seconds when i was already in another room” :slight_smile:

Great Job.
Hope it will keep this timing :slight_smile:

Yes, I can confirm this. Upgraded color, white bulb(s) and LED strip and all are reacting much faster!!

Flash notify was also fixed for Color bulbs

@weiwei, great job, but please publish detailed changelog next time :wink:

Guys, have there been changes in music mode in new firmware update? I have noticed a bug in my app that wasn’t there before and started after I upgraded firware on color bulb and LED stripe.

I turn on music mode and run tcp server, issue commands to tue bulb.

When I turn the bulb OFF, it terminates the TCP connection. I am sure that before, I could turn the bulb off and back on and the music mode would remain and it would continue functioning.

Were any changes?


Hi, @dalanik,

Yes, this is introduced by the new firmware but it is a behavior change per design. The old behavior, where the music mode was kept silently on when bulb is turned off, was somewhat counterintuitive. Resources (restricted and precious) are unreleased while bulb is switched off, or released ungracefully when the phone wanders out of the LAN network. That’s why we took it a defect and fixed it.


OK, thanx for the confirmation. I was just wondering why my program stopped working :slight_smile: I’ll have to reopen tcp session when the bulb turns off and back on.


Hi all

I updated the firmware yesterday and instantly noticed, that the red is not red anymore, bur definitely orange. Does anyone else have the same problem? (Because this certainly is a problem for me). Note> I tried randomly sliding the color changer and sometimes for a moment I get the correct red color, but then it gets orange.

I wonder if someone could tell me how to downgrade the firmware to 1.4.1_52.

Thanks in advance, have a nice day!


after a small period of time where the Lights was working fast they now starting again to work slowly.

  1. My fibra channel line is Vodafone Italia - 100MBit/s
  2. I checked 10 days ago the quality of that linee and it was 100% clear signal (that means there are no packet loss…)
  3. Router is XIAOMI Router 3 (just received 10 days ago)

A) Some Yeelight just wake-up with 5-6 seconds of delay
B) If i run a scene “Living Room On” that contains 4 Yeelight then I’m able to have the Living Room
ON after 20-30 seconds…

At this point I want to ask you if is possibile to remote-debug that problem?
What if i can give you my Xiaomi ID/Date/Hours when i got the issue and then understand why this happen? Is something possibile?

I just spent 1 month to check VDSL Fiber, changed the Router, and now the problem happen again. Hope you can help.

Yes, please give me your xiaomi id and following info:

  1. Which server did you select?
  2. Which app were you using? MiHome or Yeelight?
  3. Run that scene again and let me know the time
  1. China
  2. MiHome (because the Scene was started from the Xiaomi Switch Button)
  3. 20:20pm was activated by a Body Sensor that has run scene “MCRo”, the delay was 5-6 seconds
  4. 22:06pm was activated by a Button that has run scene “Co”, the delay was around 8 seconds

Actually are 22:26 in my country (Italy) and all this things happen in the latest 2h.

As you have connected to Mainland China server, that’s normal latency.

Nothing could help but a server that has lower latency to you. Good news is that there is plan to deploy new server in Euro.

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Most of the time the delay is 1second.
Sometime is 6seconds.

If there is a delay because of China-Server then I’m expecting 6 seconds all the time.
But this is not the real case…I don’t think this is the real cause of the delay.

I think some Yeelight product has internal WiFi issue.

  1. I have 3 Bulb + 1 stripe led in the same room
  2. Bulb are 2meters more away to the WiFi then the Stripe Led (that is 1meter away from a Mi WiFi Repetear)

While ping the Stripe, i received a lot of packet loss / timeout or in the best scenario the ping is around 500ms. The Buld Light ping is always good, no packet loss, average ping 10ms.

Configuring a Static DHCP (suggested from one user in the forum) has help a bit.
Anyway there are product with poor WiFi reachability i think.

Now i moved 50cm on the right side the Stripe Led, the ping is better (over 50 ping I’m able to lost only 4-5 packet).

My suggestion is to notify the User with an Alert in that cases “Hey, the WiFi is poor”.
In my case i cannot improve more the WiFi, but with this type of message i can understand that the Stripe LED has a problem and maybe consider to return back the stripe (I have 4 stripe, only this one is making me crazy!).

Is this strip connected to your WiFi repeater?


  • This is all my configuration:
    • 1 Gateway (8 SwitchButton + 8 sensors) = connected to the Xiaomi WiFi Router 3
    • 4 Bulb + 1 strip (*) = connected to the Xiaomi MiFi Repeater.
    • 16 Bulb + 3 strip = connected to the Xiaomi WiFi Router 3

(*) the strip with the packet loss, and Ping at 500ms. To be clear all other devices connected to the MiFi Repeater has a good ping even if they are more away from the Repeater!

I want underline that configuring Static DHCP has helped a lot.
Now i will try to ping one-by-one each devices that is causing Delay over the servers.

I wonder when Yeelight Team will release the update to 1.4.1-53 for older bulbs in Singapore Server?

Now I have a chance to set up my new home with Yeelights and discovered that some of my bulbs are older builds and the firmware stay at 1.3…1-8 or something and cannot upgrade to the latest as other newers.

Please do it fast or I have to swicth to China temporary for the upgrade to happen?

No respond?