Feature request : On or Off as default state at power recovery

One time I experienced a power outage when I was not at home. As a result, my 2 yeelight color bulbs was switched on by themselves. I would like to beg Yeelight staff to implement an On/Off default state in Yeelight app setting (If it is possible of course). Currently we already have the lighting condition default state so It would be great if we could set ON or OFF as a default state. Such feature will prevent from wasting uselessly energy.

There’s feature of “Default state” in the settings, you can have a try.

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Thank you very much. I’ll have a try

I have tried but it doesn’t work. If I manually switch off (to simulate a power outage) then I turn it on, the bulb always lights up (which I don’t want). I’m just able to set up a default lighting (color and brightness). So far I’ve just set the brightness to 5% in order to limit power consumption in case power outage happens when I’m not at home.

You should let the bulb off and then to simulate a power outage, it will remember off state.

Activating “Save light state automatically” works. Doing so make the bulb remembering its last state before a power outage. Thanks