F.lux behavior with Yeelight

Is it possible to have blue light automatically reduced every evening?

I tried to use scenes and schedules to have the light change color temperature every evening and have it change it back in the morning.

This created a lot of issues. Firstly if the power was switched off from the wall switch, the bulb would switch back to default state even though automatic state saving has been turned on.

And secondly when the schedule would change the color temperature the bulb would turn on at the time.

The behavior I would like to have is to make the bulbs change color temperature in the evening closer to red light and have it change it back to normal in the morning.

This would have to happen in the background without interfering with normal operation and it should not interfere with wall switches.

Without this behavior RGB bulbs don’t make a lot of sense.

There is already development for F.lux integration! :slight_smile: