Edit scenes?

Is it possible to edit an existing sccene? Didn’t find something…

I think that in the options of the “Yeelight” app, you can click on a scene option, modify how the bulb looks, then click save scene.

There is apparently an update on the way to streamline creation of scenes, Is there any form of release date or roadmap on this update?

Thanks for the hint, I think this could work. But at the moment I’m not able to create scenes correctly. e.g. when set it to green and save this as a scene it saves the scene with the setting “white”

It sounds this is a bug if you save a hue color and it saved as “White”, we will take a look at it.

BTW, which platform do you use, IOS or Android?

I’m using Android 7 on my LG G5.
The problem is reproducible.

Did you create a scene bundle or favorite scene? I tried from our lab, it works well.

Could you confirm that does the bulb change to green in the main page from the app after you set it to green. If it doesn’t show green, when you save the current state as a scene, the issue will be happened like you describe.

Example: I set my Bulb to green, then I go to the scene management and create a new scene. I select my bulb and choose “save current state”, and save the scene with my chosen name.
When I enter scene management again and select the created scene it tells me the name of the scene and “white”. When I apply this scene the bulb turn on with a white light.
With the previous version of the app it worked well and I could create scenes with type “Hue” and they turn on the bulb in the chosen color.

The app is the latest version available in the Play store

Oliver, it’s you in the mail…

Yes :slight_smile: (Wasn’t sure, so I just copied my mail answer and hoped you would recognize it :slight_smile: )