Do the Xiaomi Philips Smart E14 Bulbs work with Yeelight App

As the title says, will they work with the Yeelight App or only Mi Home?
Can they be connected directly to Echo Plus Hub?
Thanks in Advance!

From my “research” I deducet they will work only with MiHome but not Yeelight, but it might be good if someone from Yeelight could confirm this.

Yes cause I live in Germany and using an Amazon Echo, unfortunately for some reason Xiaomi Skill for Echo is only available in the US. For Germany there is only a working Yeelight skill so would be great to integrate those bulbs with Alexa as well.

Xiaomi Philips is philips, but we are Yeelight, we definitely don’t support their devices in Yeelight.

Yes I get that you are Yeelight but since the Mi Bedside lamp works with Yeelight App I thought maybe the Xiaomi Philips bulb might as well.
Thanks for the clarification!

Mi Bedside lamp is made by Yeelight :wink: