Different default states

Hi, I was wondering if there is any possibility to set different Default states for different periods. E.g. from 6am to 10pm default brightness is to maximum and from 10pm to 6am brightness to 30%. Could be any other combination. Thats is my idea. Thanks

Wow this case you might want to use IFTTT to do so

I know ifttt and using it. However I am using wall switch which cuts off the line. So I think ifttt will send the information only once at 22pm but where if the light is offline.

Anybody has an idea, pls? If its not possible I just forget to look for it. Thx

If your light is offline, i don’t think there’s a way to achieve it.

Understand thx.

So my second question is why there is only option for default state when powercycle? I want the same option (particular default state set) when switched on by remote withou powercycle. So far it always goes to last setup. Is there a solution?

This question also valid if I use wireless aqara switch.

there’s no way to do that without turning the light on in the switching instant, and it drives me crazy. this should be very easy to do but it’s not

Which product do you mean? Color bulb? Gen1 or Gen2?

I think all the products - they all have the same behaviour - when turned ON, they go to the last state (brightness/color).

There is a way to do it through API - set a scene, but not from the Yeelight app/ MiHome.

Mine is E27 RGBW Gen 1, but since it’s the same app, I don’t see how it could be done in gen2.
Listen, I want my light to have a different temperature when I turn it on at night, I don’t want it to turn on automatically every night at a given temperature. It baffles me that it is not possible, PLEASE create a scheduled default light