Devices are offline with Google Cast devices


I bought a Google Home Yesterday and now all my devices are offline. If i try to control my lamps over mobile network it works. If i Turn Off my Google home, i can Control my lamps again.

“Turn Off my Google home” you mean plug out?

Yes i meant Plug out

@luhaobo hi, i found out that this is a Problem with the DHCP. The Bulbs and Strips are not sending an ACK and get no IP Sometimes. Could you downgrade the Firmware of my bulbs and Strips? My Mi ID is 1661405299

Sorry so late to reply. Can you please give us more detail about DHCP issue? Is the lights cause getting no ip?

Yes. The Lights Sometimes get no IP. We use a Windows Server DHCP and DNS. I switched the Lamps to another VLAN with an other DHCP and DNS Server for now. All is working fine with the new non Windows Server DHCP, so it has to be an compatibility issue. Could you please Look into it and could you try to replicate it?

Ok. We will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Hi, could you already fix the DHCP Windows Server Bug?