"Device is not connected yet"

Hi guys,
I have some troubles to control my yeelight rgb bulb. The android app works almost perfectly. The windows demo app “YeelightWifiBulbLanCtrl1.exe” works very well. But the chrome demo app doesn’t work sometimes. It often says “Device is not connected yet”. The only way I manage to detect the light on the chrome app is to disable my network interface card and re-enable it.
(I get the exact same problem with the package node-yeelight on nodejs. maybe a js issue ?)

Screenshot of the apps

any idea please ? :grin:

Hi @illusdidi,

Glad to hear it works fine in APP and you were trying to use it in some other way.

But for those demo apps, they are just simple demo for developers, we wont take too much effort to update them from time to time. If you are interested, you can check the source code come along with the demo.

Hope you can understand.