Desk Lamp does not turn off completly

Just received my Desk lamp. Love it amazing design !
I’ve paired with mi home and updated firmware but there is an issue.
If i click on the lamp button the lamp do not goes off. Light reduce but there is still ligth.
If i press again the light goes strong and i can turn the slider to adjust brightness.
The only issue is that the lamp do not completly shut off.
I’ve tried with the button and the yeelight android app. same result.
Is there a way to fix this ?


The physical button on the lamp or the virtual button in app?

The physical buton and the mi home application has the same behavior.
The lamp dim to mini but do not switch off.


It looks like hardware defect.

Hi thanks for the answer,
Oh no … Was the reponse i fear the most.
I’am in france i bought the lamp with gearbest.
i guess I have to try an exchange with GB support.