Defaulting to white

Greetings. I have the above light in a remote location. It has been on a schedule to come on nightly. I recently checked via my IP camera that although I had a color selected, within a few minutes of turning on with the appropriate color, it defaulted to white. Attempting to set the color via the Yeelight app does not work, although I can set the brightness.

I have disabled the schedule to see if that has an effect. Now, I can turn the light off/on but applying color fails.

You can’t change color of the bulb, right? Do you have some pictures or video to show the issue?

What about if you apply recommend scene?

Hi there. I can’t send a photo right now, as I’m not at the location. What I can say is this; occasionally I can turn it on and choose the color, but after some 15-20 minutes it changes to white. The same is true if I apply a scene.

Interestingly, as I also have a Mi camera in the same location, it will send an alert when the color change happens. The camera capture shows the room illuminated, then a sort of “flash” and then back to normal illumination.

Thanks for the reply.