Customization: frames for sunrise preset

I’m using the Android Yeelight v3.0.03 app.

Since I can’t use the “Recommended” presets as a schedule parameter, I have to create these myself.

I’m trying to figure out how to simulate the “Sunrise” preset in my own “Customization” set. However, I can’t seem to get the frames right.

Which frames is Yeelight using for the “Sunrise” preset? So I can add them myself.

I’m currently facing the same issue.

This is what I’m currently doing … pls enlighten me if there’s a better way.


Sunrise is like:

Hi dingyichen … from my understanding, the brightness will stay at 10% for 6 mins then suddenly increase to 100% for 9 mins right ?

Or the brightness will increase slowly from 1% to 10% within 6 mins, then increase slowly from 10% to 100% within 9 mins ?

Red color wth 1% brightness will increase slowly to 1700K with 10% brightness, then 1700K with 10% increase slowly to 2700K with 100% brightness within 9 mins.

Thanks for the details explanation … now it make sense and time to modify my customization. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I got close :slight_smile:

If you want to try something different I haven’t quite worked out sensible timings yet as I tried initially over a shorter time and haven’t tested them scaled up yet, but I think I will prefer mine which goes:

1% red
100% orange (~ 5 mins)
3330K 100% (~ 7 mins)
4400K at 100% (~3mins)

The final result is a brighter but still warm light which I prefer. (p.s. wouldn’t be cool if there was a way to export these and share them :wink: )

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Good idea, we will consider to add sharing your customize light to others.

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Thank you for sharing this.
May I ask how long you set for 1% red?

You can have the red set for as long as you want but it’s just the starting point so I use 100ms. I got my estimated timings a little wrong I think and I have adjusted my final white to be slightly warmer. I’m now using:

1% red (100ms)
100% orange ( 6 mins,59secs,900ms)
3330K 100% (6 mins)
4200K at 100% (2mins)


That’s cool, you can program the light that you like.

Was using the Sunrise scene suggested by @dingyichen since last month, today I try to make some changes to the customized scene and surprise to found that it is gone from the list in the “Customization”. However, the scene still works for the schedules that i created before.

Is this a bug or something else caused this ? Any fix ?

From Yeelight version 3.0.06, if you select Singapore server before, according to the law of Singapore, user data should store in Singapore. We will do some logic about data transfer. Have you ever show some dialog to show this? If so, have you ever destroyed the data.

For the scene still works for Schedule, this is because the schedule has already stored the scene parameters. So when the time reaches, it would sent the parameters to the device.

I’m using Yeelight version 3.0.06 with Singapore server and never change server. Ever since I create the scene, i never open the Customization page until yesterday and found it to be empty. I didn’t receive any message or error, or destroy it. It just disappear.

Please provider your Mi ID, we will have a look at the issue.

My MI ID is 1744913111. Thanks dingyichen !

We have fixed on it, please have a try.

Wow … thanks @dingyichen, it works, both my customized scenes are back. May I know what is the problem ?