Cri-RA, flicker, color perception,

I bought a light bulb and am very pleased that now I can keep my circadian rhythms in check! ) I have long dreamed of the possibility of a mild awakening and a calm color setting in the evening. I programmed the light bulb to gently turn on and raise the color temperature for 30 minutes in the morning. In the evening, the color gradually turns yellow and reduces the brightness. It’s good for sleeping. But there were thoughts about what could be improved in the future.
1- the most important is the presence of some flicker. Perhaps a more complex scheme is needed to eliminate flickering in certain shades. It is clear that the brightness is regulated by frequency-pulse modulation. It can be made at least white without flicker. Either increase the frequency sufficiently. Also add smoothness on and off. In the photo from this post: Flickerproblem with Yeelight V2; Clear boundaries are visible near the bands. This means that the diode switches sharply and turns off sharply. He has no inertia. This is very unnatural for perception. Get rid of this would be a big deal!
2-level CRI (RA). It would be nice to raise the level to ~ 90-92.
3-the possibility of changing the hue at an objectively identical level of brightness. When you change colors on transitions between colors, the brightness decreases. Also subjectively, the brightness of different colors is different. It can be done an additional mode - “feeling the same brightness of the colors.” It is necessary to match the sensitivity of the eyes to certain colors with the brightness of the lamp colors.
Thank you!