Create custom scenes

I’ve tried everything and spent some time on the forum. It seems a very basic function, but it seems to be missing?
How can I create my own scenes or sequences of scenes?

I’d like my bulb (or in the future bulbs) to switch on at a certain time dimmed, let it get brighter over time (sunrise like scene), then remain burning for a certain period of time and finally start dimming again and eventually switch off (sunset like scene).
It seems to be impossible to create custom scenarios or combinations of existing scenarios…

Am i missing something?
Or is it indeed not (yet?) possible?

Will supports personality scene edit function in Yeelight 3.0, please stay tuned.

Are you willing and able to work with a Raspberry Pi (or similar device)? Controlling the color bulb is doable, but tough with Smart Phone interface.

For example this command emulates the red-blue flashing lights of a police vehicle. The sky is the limit, but I wouldn’t bother with smart phone or web interface.



Hello WWBoxer

I found a python library wich allow you to write your own scripts
You can find documentation here :
You can download it here :

I use it to manage my bulb from my PC and from RPI application
An example :

from yeelight import *
from time import sleep

Lever de soleil

bulb = Bulb(“”)

transitions = [

flow = Flow(count = 3,action=Flow.actions.recover,transitions=transitions)

Please enjoy