Couldn't link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


OK, I try it when I arrive home, now I’m working. Thanks!



I tried it, the Google Home said me that:
“Alright, Sure, syncing devices for Yeelight.”
But I still having the same problem :frowning:




I didn’t find about “1674784138” any logs, are you sure use this xiaomi ID on GoogleHome app ?

You can re-link account and record a video for me.




Thanks for your help, at the end I reset the bulbs again, I delete all the data in the Yeelight app and sync the bulbs again, and I make the same with the Google Home, and I sync the Xiaomi account with the Number ID and not with my email, and now all is working fine.

Again, thanks for your patience and your help.


I have an issue with connecting my yeelight bedside lamp to google home mini.
I have changed the server to German and also tried USA. Then in google home app I logged in to the yeelight app… then I got screen “Accounts are linked” and then nothing…back to the home screen.
Can you please help?
ID: 1649300782


bluetooth version?


Yes, bluetooth version


Oh sorry, only support WiFi devices.