Couldn't link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


Hello, I have 2 LED Bulb (white), I am using yeelight app (german server). I have added both in google assistant. The base command are working fine “Ok google, turn on the living room light”, but if I try to activate some scene through “ok google, activate candle flicker in the living room162337917"” is not working performing a simple google searching. Could you please advise?
My ID: 1623379175


Did you see the candle flicker scene on GoogleHome app ? can your paste a screenshot?


Hello @yusure, if I check in the “home controls” page google assistant page I can see the 2 bulb in devices tab and the rooms are set too, but I cannot see anything else. If I open the app google home and I looking for new devices the app do not find anything. I would specify that I do not have any google home devices, I am using yeelight bulbs through my smartphone


If you want activate scenes by GoogleHome, first, you should create scene on Yeelight app. then tell GoogleHome “sync devices”.


I have the same problem, I’m connected to Singapore server, my I’d it’s 1710932101,



I just fixed it, please try say “Hey Google, sync devices”.


I have yeelight strip dose not link with Google Home. It says account now is linkedl but I can not see anything. My ID 1854040322.


Never mind, I got it to work by changing the server to the us server.


I’ve a similar problem like mentioned in this forum, did change the server to Singapore and US but still no luck. Nothing shown in google Home as a reference here is my ID 413598592



Could you provide a video ?


Here it is


Thanks for you provide video, please change default browser to another, don’t use Google browser for the moment.


I have the same problem as Rajagukguk. How to link my account ??
My ID : 1692792561



Sorry, i am late, found your SYNC device log, that’s xiaomi account issue, it’s fixed now, please try sync device, i will keep an eye on your logs.



I have two bulbs in my house which are configured on the Yeelight app in the German server, I have a Xiaomi Mi 5, I can link the Yeelight account to Google Home and see the status of the bulbs, but when I tried any command verbal or in the main Google Home app, the Google Home told it can’t connect to the device on the app, and for voice told me an error has been occurred and can’t perform this action.
Mi I’D is 1674784138
Thanks for all


Hi guy,

Sorry, I didn’t see anythings about your ID, please make sure use Yeelight on GoogleHome app and not MiHome.


Hi Yusure,

I only use the Mi Home for the Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner, and the Yeelight for the bulbs, I attach a few images to you can see it.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


use Yeelight on GoogleHome app ?



Yes I linked the Yeelight app to the home Google app, I see the bulbs, but when I use the command to switch on the lights, appear the message “we can’t connect with the lights”.


try to say: Okay Google, sync devices, then tell me GoogleHome’s response