Couldn't link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


Hello, I have 2 LED Bulb (white), I am using yeelight app (german server). I have added both in google assistant. The base command are working fine “Ok google, turn on the living room light”, but if I try to activate some scene through “ok google, activate candle flicker in the living room162337917"” is not working performing a simple google searching. Could you please advise?
My ID: 1623379175


Did you see the candle flicker scene on GoogleHome app ? can your paste a screenshot?


Hello @yusure, if I check in the “home controls” page google assistant page I can see the 2 bulb in devices tab and the rooms are set too, but I cannot see anything else. If I open the app google home and I looking for new devices the app do not find anything. I would specify that I do not have any google home devices, I am using yeelight bulbs through my smartphone


If you want activate scenes by GoogleHome, first, you should create scene on Yeelight app. then tell GoogleHome “sync devices”.


I have the same problem, I’m connected to Singapore server, my I’d it’s 1710932101,



I just fixed it, please try say “Hey Google, sync devices”.