Connection timeout at 99%

Hi, I purchased Yeelight RGBW E27 (Color version) from Gearbest (I’m in U.S). I’m using the Yeelight apps Android to connect to the bulb. I’m using the Singapore server per recommendation written in the app. When connect to the bulb, The Connection timeout at 99%, this happened several times. My router is Orbi from Netgear. How do I debug this problem ?

The Chinese connection timeout at 89%, also happened several times. I gave up using Chinese server. Singapore server is a bit better, but it timed out at 99% as described.

what voltage is the power?

I live in U.S. Voltage is 120V in U.S

Please double check the voltage requirement on thx box.

It seems that you bought the 220v since GearBest only sells that kind which isn’t compatible in the US. Try returning it and buying from Amazon as they have the 120v version.

Yes, it seems like that. But please double check the voltage requirement printed on the package.

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Voltage requirement is 220V - 50Hz printed on the package.

That’s the problem. Please do as @fernym18 suggested.

Will return on GearBest. One extra question, does anyone know who else sells the 120V version beside Amazon ? It’s almost double the price on Gearbest or AliExpress.

That I know of, only Amazon and Walmart sell it. Walmart ships it from a third-party supplier but it does cost the same as the Amazon one.