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Hello, i just got my Yeelight lightstrip. I am trying to connect it via app but i am not succesfull. I tried everything, Mi home, Yeelight apps, both with the same result. Connection Timed out. i tried changing servers but nothing works for me. I am using Galaxy Note8. Any ideas how can i do it ? My ID is 1766842050. Thank you so much.

It gets connected to my router after it says Connection timed out

1、Could you post the ping result of “” or “”?
2、Please setup a hotspot with another phone and connect the bulb to it to see if it works?
3、What’s the type of your router?

Turn off your 5ghz wifi connection,use only 2.4ghz,and try again. Then,you can activate your 5ghz wifi network again

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I was able to connect it via another phone hotspot. I turned the hotspot off and it worked fine.After, it connected to modem. Everything is fine now. But the response is slow but its okay. My final question. If the electricity goes down for a longer period, do i need to setup it again? Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

You don’t need to setup it again, the bulb will be automatically connected to the cloud after power cycle.