Connecting Yeelight Bulb to Azure

My objective is to have a couple of Yeelight bulbs on my Azure IOT Hub and be able to monitor the from there
(turn them on, get their info,…)

I have two problems :

  • I can't seem to find an easy way to simply connect my Yeelight Bulb to a distant application (not in same LAN) (for example : be able to send HTTP request from an online API that would update the lightbulb)
  • I didn't find any info about integrating the bulbs to an IOT Hub except for wictor that actually connected the bulb to home assistant and had some code input the IOT Hub with his bulb info but this seems to be overkill ( )

So do I have to forget the Idea of having my bulbs in an Azure Iot Hub ? If yes, I would still need to find a simple way to access my bulb from and external API, do you have any starting links to help me start ?

Hello I have the same problem. If you solved it say me how you make.