Connect Yeelight Bulb to network without Internet


atm I am developing an app in order to control my yeelight devices.
Therefor, I am using a local network which has no internet access.
Is it possible to connect a Yeelight Bulb to a network without internet connection?


Yes, but you need connect it firstly, enable “LAN Control” mode. You can have a try with:

1、Setup a hotspot with another phone with the same password and SSID with your router, connect the bulb to the hotspots.
2、Enable “LAN Control” from Yeelight application.
3、Turn off hotspots and start your router, so the lamp could connect to your router.
4、Then you can start your work with the app…

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I just want to ask how can i enable the LAN Control mode?
Where is the settings located? And how can i connect the yeelight to hotspot?
Because Once i open the wifi in my cellphone, it detected the yeelight automatically, there’s no option in my cellphone to connect the yeelight to a hotspot. So i’m asking how can i do that?