Compatibility desk lamp

hey, I’m pretty new to all of this smart home things.

is it possible to connect the mi desk lamp to the aqara switch?
does there come out a light strip of something like 8 meters?

Yes,it could work with aqara switch, you need to setup automation rules in mihome app.

And yes, there will come out light strip gen2, which could be extended up to 10 meters.

Thx when does the gen2 come out

very soon.

Could you give more info


The light strip will be called Light Strip Plus. Yeelight featured the productat CES 2018. They said it will release sometime in April along side with the new Color Bulb II.

Were you in CES? How could you get so much details? :thumbsup:

They first said it would come in march…
But does it come in the begin or in the end of april

Yeelight accidentally leaked image of when new products will be realeased. The image is on Yeelight’s German Amazon page.

I can’t see it

Check the product description of Candela’s German Amazon product page

Check the product description. There is a image showing Yeelights roadmap of products >>

thank you!! I see it, when does it come out?