Communicating with Yeelight through custom software


I have few questions about communicating with yeelight through custom software.

As i read in documentation it is not possible to communicate with bulb using simple http post or get requests right ? (for example by postman ) So communication is made with tcp/udp.

Right now i can control my bulb with the mobile app.How do i get the port and ip adress of the bulb ?

Is there any recommended software to send messages with tcp udp packets to test communication ?


You can use several apps; from PC, simple telnet works. On Android you can use shell commands or TAsker with Send/Expect plugin. The port is in the documentation, 55443 I believe. You get the adress from your router’s connected devices (DHCP) list.

If you add the lamp with Yeelight/Mihome application, you can find network infor from settings.