Color Bulb Missing Feature

I am using and controlling the color bulbs from the Linux command line. There are wonderful effects, scenes, and flows that can be created. To say nothing of the programming capabilities of Linux via cron, at, and other IFTTT conditionals.

Using linux it is possible to turn the bulb completely off (dark) between tuple color changes. The effect puts the Yeelight bulb in the professional theatrical realm. I run into trouble with the imposed limit of 144 commands per minute.

How about it Yeelight guys. Can you add a 0 (zero) brightness level capability to method: set_bright?


There is no limit if you use set_music command to switch to music mode.

But I agree it is real pity you can’t easily turn bulb off and on in music mode, so I’d welcome the 0 brightness change.

Old firmware could do this - I used to set music mode in my plugin and send commands, but could also send off/on command AND stay in music mode. Then they removed it.

zero brightness could be the solution :slight_smile: