[China Server] Can't create any scenes and rooms

Hello Yeelight Support,

I have 4 Yeelight Smart Bulb Color in my bedroom. Everytime I create a scene and a room it did not create any entry at all. Please see screenshots showing that I successfully created a scene and a room but it doesn’t show up.

Account ID: 1747195018

I already tried to logoff and logon back. Reinstall and reset but still the same.

Hello Yeelight Support. Any help here? I can’t add any scenes and rooms in china server. I already installed the app on 2 different phones and still the same.

Visit this link,and try the beta version please.

Will release new version very soon.

Really bored… it is a week now that my whole system is only half working. I am on china server with a smart home gateway and many yeelights. I cannot create scenes and even the previously created scene are randomly working…

In addition, the link you provided is dead !