Change Saturation Only? RGBW Lights

Hey :slight_smile:
I was wondering if it is possible to only change the saturation of a color on the Yeelights…

For example I would like a red light, very bright but only soft red…
But for now I only find a way how to change brightness and color… but not saturation :frowning:

Would be really nice if that was possible. btw. are there any scenes or apps to download that control the lights individually? So that in my living room at the scene “dusk” one light is orange, the other white, and another one red?

kind regards

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We actually have an interface to support Hue/Sat changing, however, it’s not exposed on App.
You can use Yeelight app to do scene management, which is exactly what you asked for.

Thanks Weiwei for the quick response.
Do you think you can implement it? For example on right side you could add vertical scroll for saturation. So you have horizontal scroll for color, left vertical scroll for brightness and right vertical scroll for saturation.

That would be really awesome. Sometimes it is useful not to have full saturated colors …
Or do you know of any other App for the yeelight that supports saturation ?

Thx again!


I totally support Mhoppi’s suggestion to implement a scroll function for saturation in the color selection. I like the yeelight bulb but I miss this crucial feature since the very first second I’m using the yeelight app. If the app would get that feature, the yeelight bulb would be finally perfect for me (and many more I think).

@Mhoppi I searched for another app to solve this but I didn’t find any one that was acceptable :frowning: