Ceiling light - missing LAN control notifications


i just received LED ceiling and application asked for FW update. Now
it’s on version 1.5.5_0180 and it has following issue related to
local control:

if i use remote to add brightness by multiple presses of PLUS (+)
button on remote control, then over connected telnet for local control
i get only first notification, if subsequent presses were fast enough
(probably faster than “animation” time).

Similar issue when i use MINUS button.

Example output from telnet if i wait approx a second between presses:

Example if i don’t wait so long between presses (First line is initial state, next one is the only notification received):

(and now i’m already on 100%, but notification for 40% and 100%,
confirmed by query below)
{“id”:3, “method”:“get_prop”, “params”:[“power”, “active_mode”, “ct”, “bright”, “nl_br”, “active_bright”]}
{“id”:3, “result”:[“on”,“0”,“3500”,“100”,“0”,“100”]}

thank you

best regards

There is a cache for each notification to avoid unnecessary state report to save bandwidth. When a property changed, a 1.5 seconds timer will start, if the property changed again, reset the timer. Only when the timer fires, the final value got reported.

there is no notification after 1.5 second, not even after a minute. Simply i got only first notification and then nothing more. Hence i i’m not getting notified about last state.

Hi, Jan,

Thank you for the feedback. This issue is now identified as a bug, and fixed. The fix will be included in next firmware update.

best regards,