Ceiling Light always offline

Since yesterday my Yeelight Ceiling Light is always offline. I can use the Bluetooth Remote Control but both Yeelight app and Mi Home app always show that the ceiling light is Offline. My Yeelight color bulb works fine with both apps. I already reseted the Ceiling light. I’m am using China Server. Thanks for any help!

My light no longer connects as of yesterday as well - reset the bulb several times with no luck. Was working fine two days ago, but failed to come on at a prescheduled time. You can turn it on via the switch, but can’t do so remotely as it won’t connect to the network - just shows as offline in the phone app.

Saw a ton of similar complaints, so unless they can send a replacement, I’ll update my review and refund it and go with the more expensive Hues bulbs…

They are working now, surely will always buy Xiaomi Products because they are cheap and the best.

Yeah, mine is suddenly working again too, but this isn’t a good sign. The fact that the product is unstable means that I won’t be buying more of these. Part of the appeal is being able to leave the house unattended while away on vacation, but if I can’t trust their product to work reliably…