Can't switch of the yeelight ceiling lamp or turn it brighter


I just received my yeelight ceiling. After installation the lamp burns 100% but i can’t switch the lamp off or turn it brighter. There is no reaction from the white remote control that was with the lamp.
The batttery in the remote control is working because i see a red light in the remote control.

At the moment there is no internet availeble in the house so i cant test it with the app.
I also reset the lamp 2 times (5 times on and of)

Do i miss something?

You need to pair the remote with the ceiling lights.


I try that later this day. Pairing is “OFF” + “M” in the first minute after switching lamp on with wall lever?
im sorry to ask this but the manual was in chinese

Yes, when the pair done, the ceiling light will blink

Hey WeiWei it worked :slight_smile: thanks and a Merry Christmas. (well in a few months for you then)