Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


OK, i record it. please link with yeelight plugin again.


No joy, it says it adds successfully but nothing ever shows


I guess you have two xiaomi accounts, are you sure?



Please double check if you login same xiaomi account in Yeelight and alexa app. We didn’t capture any device sync request regarding to the xiaomi id you have provided.


Same problem. No devices showing after adding yeelight action. Mi ID: 1666919716.
Connected to Singapore server.


Hello, my id is 1681025839. I have the same problem of not able to add to google home. I am connected to US server. Please help.


I did’t found your device, is your device is bluetooth?


I record your xiaomi ID, please try sync it, i will have a chance to see the logs.


It is not BT. When i add device to home. It will say something went wrong. Tty again.



Hi, my device is bluetooth. It’s the xiaomi yeelight and not the mijia bedside lamp.


I found the cause of you failure. because you has a empty scene name, now i fixed it, if you have empty name, i will rename it to “Unnamed”.
Now, you can sync it again.


Sorry, bedside lamp version 1 (Bluetooth) can’t supported GoogleHome.


It is now working. Thank you very much for the swift support. More power to you and the Yeelight team!!!


I am having the same problem.
Yeelight App works fine with 2 Yeelight RGB devices.

I set up the Yeelight App to Singapore and I used Chrome.
When I want to link Yeelight Actions to my Google home , I log in the MiAccount and Google tells me that it was successful but doesnt show any devices.

My Mi ID is 1770389680

PLS help! :slight_smile:


I didn’t find your devices in the back-end, are you sure your devices type is WiFi?


It’s the YEELIGHT XMCTD01YL Touch Sensor Dimmable RGB Color Changing Bluetooth Table, Bedside LED Lamps


Sorry, bedside lamp version 1 can’t supported GoogleHome.




Cannot add yeelight action in google home. Please help. ID:216749172

Thanks in advance