Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


Hi, I also have issue with adding any lights from my account, can you help me pls? My account is is: 1754199921


Hi, I can’t link Yeelight action anymore with Google Home. I have tried all the servers.
My ID 1838850611.

Same with Mi Home, I can see 3 Yeelights bulb V1, but i can’t see 2 Yeelights bulb V2 and 2 mijia Philips bulb.



Awesome now I can link my yeelight acc with google home Looking forward for night when I will try all and turn off my IFTT :smiley: thx for help.


I cant connect yeelight apps to google gome. the ID is 1842080217



What are you device type?


Me too, I can’t link Yeelight anymore with Google Home. My ID 1838850611.
I have 3 Yeelights bulb V1, 2 Yeelights bulb white tunable V2 and 2 mijia Philips bulb.


I found your bulb connected on China server, currently, China server can’t support GoogleHome.


But if I use Germany or Singapore, Yeelight Bulb V2 are not detected by the app. Maybe bulbs V2 are not compatible.


Yeelight smart led bulb. 2nd.


Are you sure use this account? i didn’t find about this account logs.


Can you check on this ? thank you so much


It worked now. I signed in again. Thank you


Hi, I have the same problem, I can not link my bulbs. MI ID: 1815037026 can you help me? im in US server


I recorded your MI ID, please try link it again, i will see the logs.


I was able to figure out the problem, for some reason I have two accounts. I only used one now and it was. So the lamp is making a strange noise.