Can't find Lan Control on ios11 / Mi Home v4.7.1 / RGB Yeelight (firmware 1.9(830)_35)

I have the LED Color bulb (120v) and an iphone 5s with ios11. My Mi Home app is the v4.7.1 (the last one for ios) and the Yeelight firmware version is the 1.9(830)_35. I can not find any “developer mode” or “lan control” (I spend more than 2h on this forum but nobody is showing any solution for ios). When I tap on the “3 dots” button and then “About”, there is nothing more than the Firmware version on the center of my screen. Even if I tap multiple time on every part of this screen nothing shows up. I am on the Mainland server already.
Anyone can help me ? Thanks

Are you using MiHome or Yeelight app? The option is only available in Yeelight app.

Haha Thanks ! I’m so dumb ^^!
Thks a lot for your help.