Can't Create Account In App

I have both an ipod touch and ipad running the latest operating systems and both can’t get me past creating an account. First the QR scanner on the directions is too small to read so I read it off the help center on the Yeelight webpage. Clicking on the link get two options, I pick the IOS and nothing downloads. Next I look manually on the app store and download the the Yeelight app not the blue bulb app. I try to create an account on the United States server option and it says I have to confirm the email in the link they sent me but I receive nothing. I try the resend several times and get nothing. Check junk folder nothing… wait a day still nothing. Try switching to the Singapore server, same results. So I go to Yeelights homepage and think maybe I can create an account there. In the forums section I can create an account and confirm through email but this does not give me access to the app says username doesn’t exist. Suggestions?

Could you provide your email, we will have a look at it ?

Have already add domain of "" to white list, pls try again :grinning: