Cant connect to router


Currently my led bulb color couldn’t connect to my router, yet i can connect it by mobile hotspot from my laptop.
So i have to connect my router to laptop and activate mobile hotspot on windows 10, and connect my led to laptop first before controlling the light via my iphone.
But the problem is i want to connect to my router instead of connecting it to my laptop. Because i dont turn my laptop on all the time.
I think the problem is similar to the others, which i cant connect both via yeelight app and mihome app(though mihome can reach 100% but it kept me at the reset page)


Any logs on your router? If the bulb could connect to your router successfully, it should be network issue. You could explicitly set your DNS server to on your router?

i have tried several solutions, but they did not work.
the first one i tried to ping both and it worked.

then i changed my server on yeelight app, from singapore to mainland china, still didnt work.

well what do you mean logs on my router?
and how do i change dns server to on my router? is it through my pc like this?

Please logon to your router’s management portal, normally through your web browser. Then find the DNS settings page.