Can't connect to my Yeelight E27 RVBB "couldn't find any available wifi Network"

Hello !

Yesterday I received my Yeelight and I plugged it on a lamp and tried to connect to my smartphone.
After I installed the Yeelight application, I tried to connect to the wifi (the application sees the Yeelight Mac address and I can try to connect) but then I have an error “Couldn’t find any available wifi Network”

I don’t know what is happening but if you know please help me !


The bulb only support 2.4G Wi-Fi network?What’s your network, 2.G or 5G?

I have to check at home I in touch

I have a French Freebox Crystal which is in 2,4 GHz so it should be good but still the same problem…

Even if I try with mi-home I have this

But it’s already allowed in the settings…

Try changing your Wi-Fi security method to WPA/WPA2-PSK. That’s usually under Network/Security/WLan in your router’s interface

It worked ! Thank you very much !