Cant connect the lamp

Hello all,
I am trying to connect my lamp with my phone(ios). Everything seem nice, I enter wifi password and then I connect to lamp. After that step app wants me to reset the lamp again. After reseting, I enter the wifi password again then connection to lamp again. AND It ask me to reset lamp again… It goes to infinite… Please help I couldnt find a solution…

After the connection fail, which network does your phone connected? And could you see the lamp in your router’s DHCP list?

Actually connection is not failed. It is succesfull I connect the device and after that mi home app wants me to reset the lamp again… it continue forever… there is a device called ESP_0091F9 in my dhcp list.

I just used Yeelight app and I can control the lamp now but still cant connect with mi home app

So you have connected the lamp.

Please check which server do you select in Yeelight app, and make sure use the same server in Mihome, and you would see the lamp in Mihome. They share the same server, you don’t need to connect it again.

Thanks a lot
Is it possible to move devices to another server ? Like europe?

You need reset the lamp and connect it again if you want to move it other server.

Thanks have a nice day