Can't connect or refresh led color bulbs

my daughter was playing with the kitchen light switch and accidently reset the kitchen yeelight back to soft white I went in the app to return it to its normal state and I couldn’t refresh the bulb or connect to the bulb.

I tried to reset it again to see if it would connect but it didn’t work. I thought something might be wrong with the bulb so I reset another bulb in the house which was working fine and as soon as I reset it I lost contact with it on the app and cannot refresh now both bulbs are in soft white mode but I have no app control.

I have 2 more yeelight led strips connected to my network and they are currently fully operational but I’m afraid to reset those.

I logged into my router page and I can only see my 2 led strips on the wifi list but not the led color bulbs.

please inform me what to do to get everything working back to normal

I run on the Singapore server so that I can use alexa and my account is 1705931447

After reset, you need to connect it again. Do you mean you can’t connect the bulb again after reset?

hello yes thank you for responding. the bulbs just say refresh on the app and I can’t reconnect to them no matter what I do even if I turn off and on 5 times.

You need to delete the bulb in App and re-add them just as you got them for first time.

this worked thank you, but hope I don’t have to do this every time lights become reset. I seem to remember resetting the bulbs once and didn’t have to do all that.

also can you tell me why can’t my led strips go in to music flow mode like bulbs when I try to do it the app just says music flow failed. is this not a capable feature of the led strips.