Can't connect Lightstrip to Google Home


After several hours and many resets i was finally able to use the Yeelight App on my android phone to control the Lightstrip. Now i have the problem that when i am trying to sync “Yeelight Action” in my Google Home it shows that it has been successfully linked but the screen where you can choose the room just skips in 1 second and after that the “successfully linked” message shows up again but it is not shown in the list and not connected. Some Screenshots down below

The last screenshot shows the “Räume zuweisen” (choose room in english) screen which is fully white and skipps in just 1 second (i can’t choose anything). And after that it says successfully synced but it is not synced.

Please tell me your xiaomi ID

Are you using the U.S. server? I have 4 Yeelight lights strips and they work great with my Google Home.