Can't connect Google assistant


My MI account is 130991491


@Simgoh @ghforce
I just fixed it, please try say “Hey Google, sync devices”.


Hi, I can see that a lot of people have a lot of problems conecting Yeelights with Google home. There are any updates coming to solve that? It’s not normal to buy a device that “works with google home” and is a nightmare to conect them.

I have bought two whote bulbs to conect to Google Home and is imposible, no mather if I use EEUU server, Singapore or Germany. My ID is 1541618120 in case you can help me.




What error message displayed ?


Once in Google home app, I select add device, then select Yeelight, a message is shown saying Yeelight is connected, and then no device appears and no device is on main Google home page. No mather the server I choose.


What’s your “Google” App version ? lower version has a bug.


My Google app version is


Could you record a operate video please?


Sure, you can see clearly in that video.


I guess you have two accounts, please try clear mobile phone browser cache, then use Xiaomi ID (not email) to login.


I’ve just tried using mi Xiaomi account instead of email after deleting cache. Same behavior


Sorry, tried again and that was the problem! Thank you very much!