Can't change color temp with remote/app

Tried a few restarts, the remote linked & works but does not change the color temp.
Also, I don’t see where I can change the temp using Yeelight iOS app, and when I’m trying adding color temp scene/frame I’m getting “not supported”.

Firmware updated. (1775822205)


Which device do you have? Does it support multi color temp?

did 62239615
model yeelink.light.ceiling2
uid 1775822205

You device is not tunable.

I am also facing the same issue from a long time but I am not getting any solution with this.
If anyone is availaible with this, please share it with us.
Google Customer Service

Thank you for the quick answer.
The description of the product (Ordered it from Gearest) is:
“allows a flexible adjustment of brightness and color temperature.”
Adjustment of color temperature.
So it is very confusing.

Please show me the product page.

Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light - YELLOW

So the main description misleading & says its adjustable, but hidden down in the Q&A it says the opposite. You need to highlight this information in the main description.
OK, thank you for your quick answers.