Cannot switch server

I have a Yeelight LED Ceiling Light and I have connected it to yeelight app on my phone and tablet with no problems, but it connected using the default server (“mainland China”). Trying to use IFTTT, it says that the Singapore server is needed, but I cannot switch servers.

I tried directly switching server in the app, but the yeelight device disappears; tried to reconnect to it by resetting the unit (switching on-off 5 times, it “breathes” after that, switches off-on and it is reset) and it appears when adding new device, but never completes the connection. I selected again mainland China server, unbind the light, switch to Singapore server, reset the ceiling light again and tried to add the device in the app. Once more the same: the process begins but takes a lot of time and never completes, tried everything several times, both with my phone (mi5) and with a tablet (Shield K1) and always the same.

Switching back to mainland China server and repeating the reset & add device procedure, I can connect the ceiling light appears to the app again and can be used, but with the limitation of no IFTTT option (I connected my IFTTT account to my yeelight account, but when selecting lights to create a IFTTT applet, none are shown as available).

Am I doing something wrong in the process of switching the server? Also, I find the response of the ceiling light a bit slow (it takes 1 - 2 seconds to comply to orders from the phone), if I switch to the Singapore server, will it be faster?

Really sorry, the Ceiling lamp doesn’t support Singapore server now. We will release the new firmware next week after a full regression test is completed. Please wait for next firmware update.