Cannot create favorites for group

Since a recent update to the android app, my favorites have vanished, and I cannot see how to make new ones for a group.
I have 2 rgbw lamps in a single group named “living room” which were working fine before the update using the Singapore server…
The new update asked me to swap to Germany server (I’m in UK)
Have tried swapping server to no avail…
Also tried creating scenes… but they save incorrectly too.

Help please.

Could you please give us your XIAOMI account ID(not the account email that we had received from your email), and more screenshot to help us resolve the issue.

Not sure what screenshot to send…
But my I’d is 1618550348

Is there ever going to be an update to this ?? I now cannot use google home to send commands to yeelight either !!!

The last update(s) have crippled what was a great system… my 2 smart bulbs are pretty dumb now :frowning: