Cannot connect

I tried all your examples: python, WindowsQT and a UDP tool.

There is no list of my color bulb.
The yeelight apk from google is closed after a black screen and it only worked once.

How do I talk to the LED bulb using TCP or UDP?

You can’t unless you turn on LAN mode from Yeelight app.

Yes I got it this morning: I turned on Bluetooth and I could start the Yeelight-App. Then I turned on LAN-Control in the menue of the bulb.
Telnet I could connect to the bulb and change its state! GREAT!

You should mention to turn on LAN-CONTROL in the development guide.
Now I create a Heroku-Python-skript for Google Home and I will buy many more of your devices.

Without soldering or firmware flashing! I like it. Better than sonoff!