Cannot connect Yeelight Ceiling to wifi network


Hi team, just installed the ceiling light.
First attempt

  1. Add device
  2. Entered wifi password
  3. Unable to detect anything

Second attempt

  1. Add device
  2. Entered wifi password
  3. Unable to detect anything
  4. Switched on Bluetooth
  5. Detected light, click and start loading
  6. 99% then error (see screen shot)

3rd attempt

  1. Switched from singapore to china server
  2. Repeat 1st and 2nd attempt.
  3. Same error



In addition. I can’t detect yeelight in my wifi setting as well.
*i have tried on off the light five times (2sec interval) for reset.


If you can’t detect yeelight in your wifi settings, Yeelight app will also can’t detect it.

So have you reset the light successfully? And does the remote work?


Light reset was successful (breathing pattern).
Remote works


So have you rejected permissions the application requires before? Could you reinstall the app(clear cache data), give permissions it requires and try again?


There’s not even an option to reject anything.
The only pop up upon opening the app is allowing notification.

I’ve just deleted the app and reinstalled. Now I can’t even detect with Bluetooth.

I suppose this is a lemon?


Deleted app, reinstalled.
Reset light.
Changed to China server.

It’s working now.


Is China the only server available for ceiling light at the moment?


I cant connect to WiFi too. It reaches 100% and “connection timeout”.

I connected to China Mainland server, but it dont work with Singapore server as well.

My xiaomi ID is : 1695894579


I’ve still have the issue.
Ceiling lamp is connected to my wifi but is not available through app.
Meantime i’ve changed my router to TP-LINK 1043ND. Still after couple of hours, sometimes days ceiling lamp loose connection to server. Only reboot helps but only for several time. In same time lightstrip works like a charm!

My account: 1662505809
Lamp fw: 1.4.8_168


Similarly, I can’t connect my color bulb over the past few days (same thing happens as others have said) but my white bulb works without a hitch.


i just got yeelight strip… and cant connecrt to my android applications… its keep wrote “conections timed up” i already switch it to mainly china and singapore… but doest effect at all… pls help me
. my id is 1749528805. wei wei pls help me… am waiting your reply


Yeelight 3.0 is up, could you try to connect to US server?


yeah… i wana ask… when yeelight wifi is on… and i can connect to it… but always… when load into my home wifi keep “connections timed up” is something wrong with my yeelight… or its just the server in there?


device offline… is this mistakes from the servers? not my product right?


all my devices are offline. I have tried to reset and connect but it doesnt help. Any soloutions?



It seems there’s something wrong with communication between your devices and the could. Could you post your result of “ping” and “ping”?


Thank you. Both pings do work.
I think it is more a problem of the new IOS app. When I want to connect the bulb, the Connection is not correct.
I do the steps until i have to connect directly to the bulb:

The Wifi Props say connected but in the Upper View there is no Wifi Symbol, just the mobil cell (4G).

A bit Later the Bulb is connected and I go back to the YeeApp. The Progress is at 25%, and the connection is failed.

But why does a Update of the iphone app crash the old connections which worked for months?
It is very disappointing.


@wefe1234 I get exactly the same on my iPhone when trying to connect but I also got stuck at 25% on the previous version of the app as well as the new version 3.