Cannot connect or reset Yeelight bulb (color)

I have a Yeelight bulb (color) with Amazon dot (Alexa) that worked fine in the initial setup (I was able to control to bulb from Yeelight app & Alexa).
A few days ago I changed the password of my Yeelight’s account, and from than Alexa couldn’t control the bulb (Yeelight app was still working).

I removed the bulb from the Yeelight app in order to re-add it, but now I can’t find it!!!
Right now, the bulb is turned off, and it doesn’t respond to the reset process (5 times on & off).

What can I do?

What do you mean by “the bulb is turned off”?
Make sure you turn on and turn off operation each lasts 2 ~ 3 seconds.

I mean that after I removed the bulb from the Yeelight app, I cannot connect to it and the light itself is turned off (even after I try to reset it)

@weiwei Please advise what should be done… The bulb still not working and I have no light in my room for a week!!