Can`t pairing RC with lamp

Im just got the item from GearBest. The ceiling light is controlled by my phone app but I can't use the remote control recently. I tried to bind it many times following by: Power on Ceiling light and make the following operation within 60 seconds. Press the OFF + M button on the remote controller. RCstart flashing non stop, the lamp flash four times. Its looks like the bound lamp and RC but when I press any button after that on the remote control, there is no response except the light blinks on the remote. The lamp is updated to latest firmware v1.48 168. I need your assistance.Tnx in advance!

Could you wait for a while (after you power on the lamp) and try? You can also check the remote controller bindings in the App.

I`m waiting 30s after powered the lamp and try bind RC again without success. In MiHome no remote bound. How many times the lamp should be blink? Is it possible to attach the video here?

If you bind the RC successfully, the lamp will breathe 3 to 4 times and you should see the RC in the app.

Yes, it`s should be as you say. But actualy RC not shown in the app. Did you have an other idea?