Bulb won’t reset

Hi when I do the 5 power off/on to reset the bulb will flash through colors then blink off on white several times then cycle through the same again. Eventually it just goes off. I can never link to it ? Thanks

What voltage do you use? Does is match voltage print on the bulb?

Actually I’m in the US And the bulb does say 220v . Didn’t realize that’s what I got. I received 2 bulbs and there both the same. The one works fine. Was that just luck with the one. So they shouldn’t work with 120 volt? Thanks

I don’t think the bulb(220v version) could work with 120v. Are you sure both of your bulb are color version?

Yeah, it is lucky and abnormal :rofl:

Yea, they are the same and 220. It will only program in the room with my router. At least now I know why they were a pain and the one didn’t work, Thanks and have a good day