Bulb connects to Yeelight or MiHome but not both

First sorry fot my poor english, i hope i will explain my problem correctly.
So my problem seems to have appeared after a MiHome update (5.3.9), well I can perfectly match my Yeelight RGB bulb to MiHome (after a reset of the bulb) but impossible to connect it to the Yeelight app.
And of course if I make a new reset of the bulb I can connect to the Yeelight app but it is MiHome who can not connect to it.
In both cases the bulb is well detected but in the 2 app but impossible to bind to both, it is either one or the other.
So despite all that annoy me because the 2 apps have a purpose for me (I will not go into details but Yeelight is useful for Jeedom and Mi Home for some features) so I hope to find a solution to this strange bug .
Thank you for your help.

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Are you sure that you are connected on the same server on Mi Home and on Yeelight app? Europe server on Mi Home is the German server on Yeelight. Others have the same names…

But of course, for some reason that escapes me I had gone under German server on the Yeelight app, while Mi Home is obviously on Chinese server.
Many thanks