Bought Yeelight Colour Bulb from Reseller. Scared now

I bought a Yeelight Colour bulb from a reseller and not from the official store. It is working fantastic! My question is, is it possible for the reseller to “code” some malware into the bulb, so that it sniffs my browsing history and passwords when I connect it to my router? I am not sure if this is technically possible… can anyone advise? I got it at a very cheap price so i am not sure if it is to bait unsuspecting customers like myself…

Where did you buy the bulb from? I don’t think the reseller can code some malware into the bulb, please don’t worry about it.

Technically, just technically, it’s possible. But it may cost a lot to do that. The only person I can imagine that worth someone to do that is the president of United States.

Haha love this answer.

@loveyoulong Mate how much you got those bulbs for?

Yea, I can’t imagina anyone going into that trouble to hack the light bulb in order to … what? get data from some unimportant total stranger? If you were the NSA or some goverment agency, that would make sense but… :slight_smile:

I got it for 10USD from ebay …

Hmm… thanks for your answer… but why would it cost a lot? Surely a person with the technical ability can do it with his skills? Like coding ability? Sorry… just curious (or maybe i watched too many mission impossible movies already)

ebay :slight_smile:

Well I don’t think its possible, but the yeelight app has to do with malware so be careful about apps that download themselves. If you still wanna be safe, put incognito mode and antivirus or something like that, and if you spot strange activity, change passwords. If you need more malware help, contact me.


We are looking into the issue you have reported. We will post the investigation result once we find something. Before that, please stop posting similar message in Yeelight forum.