Beta Tester Error! Anyone Else Get This?

I there I got accepted to be a beta tester for Alexa Canada. I received email and clicked the link.

Next I am brought page where it says Congrat, you’ve been invited to preview a new Alexa skill. I click the Open Alexa app and then I get the next two screenshots leading to an error.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/82b81df92bf95b31be474a7df101c0bc3dc254db.jpg" width=" height=“500”>

If any other beta testers have received this error please let me know.

Yeelight admin requested me to post here for help.

Thank you in advance,


clear your safari cache in system setting and have a go

I did do that but it’s not Safari cache issue. These screen shots are from the Alexa app. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Alexa app.

I tried from my iPad as well and no luck :frowning:

Try on the computer, I had similar issues! Just go to your email on your computer and open the skill link and enable it! Just that simple!

Was there a long delay in receiving the link? I was added yesterday, apparently, but so far no email with the link.

Checked the spam folder…

Austin, thank you that worked activating through desktop browser. I then had to go back to app to enable. Only thing I had to do was update my region to US for all devices. That took a bit of time. I assume once the app is officiall in Canada will need to reset all our devices to Canadian servers?

So geeked that all the lights or group of lights can now change with a single command. My setup is now complete and working 100%.

Only thing I want to know is how to create custom colour mode or scene with voice command. Like Alexa, movie mode and lights go to blue, or Alexa, good morning… and all lights comes on but this time change to red. Is this possible?

Actually never mind I just figured out how to create custom scene and apply to one of my routines or commands. Love it!

If you changed your region settings to US - you are not using the Canadian skill. You are using the normal US skill that is available to all Americans…