Bedsidelamp 2 doesn‘t save state

i got the following problem:

I already own a Mi Bedsidelamp 2 for quite a time now. Everything went right, so i bought a second one. I set it up, everything fine so far. But i had the problem, that the light state wasn‘t saved - mean, when i turn off the light and turn it back on, it wents to a standard white with 1% dim. On the other one it still worked.

So i tried to do a factory restore on BOTH lamps and now they both don‘t save the light state anymore (even the old one which worked before).

Of course i checked the option in the Yeelight IOS App to save it, even a custom one won‘t work any more.

Any steps to solve this problem?

Please have check if you enable “Night Mode”, and you are in the period of the time. If so, the lamp will be automatically switch to lower brightness when it is turned on through the button or app.